Champ Hanger Metal Works (M) Sdn Bhd specialized in the production of shopping trolley. In the early 90’s, when hypermarket such as Champ and Carrefour started to expand their business with new branches, there is sudden rise in trolley demand. Follow that, retailers Giant and Tesco started making their appearance in the local market and expanded further as well.

The orders for new trolleys has increased substantially in local market and Champ has looked further into expanding the correct operations which includes, space extension, labour recruitment, high tech equipment investment and most importantly having a in house powder coating line to provide better yield and more consistent quality. All those investment has brought the company into a new era at high tech equipment utilization, high quality standards to meet overseas quality requirements and economics of scale, which makes our trolleys more competitive in the international market, in terms of pricing and quality.

Making Of Trolley !

manufacturing01 Step 1 : Raw material
manufacturing02 Step 2 : Raw material
manufacturing03 Step 3 : Raw material on process
               ( cutting in measurement )
manufacturing04 Step 4 : Machines welding ( part of
               trolley basket )
manufacturing05 Step 5 : Machines welding ( part of
               trolley basket )
manufacturing06 Step 6 : Machines welding ( part of
               trolley basket )
manufacturing07 Step 7 : Machines welding ( part of
               trolley basket )
manufacturing08 Step 8 : Machines welding ( part of
               trolley basket )
manufacturing09 Step 9 : Chemical zinc planting &
               wash up
manufacturing10 Step 10 : Chemical zinc planting &
                 wash up
manufacturing11 Step 11 : Process on epoxy spraying
manufacturing12 Step 12 : Process on epoxy spraying
manufacturing13 Step 13 : Ready installing hander and
manufacturing14 Step 14 : Product ready to using
manufacturing15 Step 15 : Part view of factory